by Aoife O’Connell, Catalogue Development Student The National Library of Ireland holds a number of historically valuable and interesting photographic collections. Perhaps the best known and most utilised of these over the years since its acquisition has been the Lawrence Collection. It was acquired in 1943 for the then huge sum of £300. The popularity […]


by Catherine Ryan, Digital Collections Student & Maria O’Shea, Manuscript Student Here at the National Library we try to collect as much as we can that might not otherwise be collected and available to researchers of the future. So, when it came to the 2011 General Election, we not only collected posters, flyers etc. as […]


We might not know most of their names or where they are from, but I got to know the children in the upcoming Small Lives Exhibition very well. I started work on the exhibition back in April, going through our collection of digitised photographs. I put them all into a folder and pored over them trying […]