Rare books

by Giada Gelli, Preservation Assistant We have all done some scribbling on copies, books, magazines and whatnot at some stage in our lives. There is nothing more pleasant than evading the realms of reality, shutting your ears to the world, and letting your pen (or pencil!) chase the boredom away. But still, I wasn’t expecting […]


by Fiona Noonan, Preservation Assistant We are all drawn to books for different reasons – Stories, Authors, Illustrations and Bindings. So, when those of us working on The Clean Sweep Project were asked to write posts for the NLI Blog on books that stood out for us, I immediately made a mental list of the […]


by Nikki Ralston, Conservation Regular visitors may have wondered about what’s been going on in our Trustees’ Room in recent weeks – that’s the room to the left of our main hall. Comings, goings and that funny noise… Well, from 2 to 4.30 this afternoon, and every weekday afternoon, you can see for yourself. Our […]