Rare books

By Professor Richard Sharpe Many things await discovery in the National Library. This was an unusual find, however, a copy of one of the best-known poems in the language printed in a form to deflect the censorious attention that was thought likely to follow its publication. I knew about this first deceptive printing of Brian […]


by Sean Smith, Researcher at our “Palace to Procrastination” Lawyers and the legal profession, where would we be without them? If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have Dickens’ Bleak House and the interminable case of Jarndyce v Jarndyce. We wouldn’t have the on-going, lengthy and costly tribunals and we wouldn’t have the colourful carnival […]


by Aoife O Connor, co-curator of Particles of the Past exhibition In deciding what to put into our Discover: Particles of the Past exhibition for Dublin City of Science 2012, Robert Boyle was top of the list. We have an excellent collection of his published works and he’s a well known and important figure in […]