September 2011

by Giada Gelli, Collections Student Ready for the third episode of the Doyle Family saga? In our previous posts we’ve touched briefly on the lives of John Doyle (HB) – about whom I found this interesting biography in Irish as well – and of his third son Richard (Dickie), the Punch Magazine and cheeky fairies […]


by Eimear Walsh, NLI Manuscript Student Still working away on the Headfort Estate Papers, we came across a family within a family. Incongruously in a collection about a family named Taylour, there kept cropping up material from the mid 19th century relating to members of a Tuite Dalton family. To puzzle us further, were the […]


by Janelle Winters, Manuscript Intern While sifting through an old card catalogue as part of a grand scheme to augment our online sources, I stumbled onto some 19th century maps of rabies and typhoid fever cases in Ireland. As a former infectious disease and burgeoning history of medicine graduate student, I was intrigued by these […]

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